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Corporates | Solutions

ERP | Customer Relationship System | Sales Management System | Service and Procurement Management System | Inventory Management System | Financial Management System | Human Resource Management System | Project Management System | Manufacturing Management System | Productivity Management System | &others...

E-Learning | Solutions

We provide the best solutions used in distance learning by linking audio and video transmission technology to what is called electronic classes, which contain many features such as student interaction with teachers, sending and attaching documents, test forms, student assessments, and audio and video communication between students and teachers.

Medical Care | Solutions

Hospital management system is one of the main components of health informatics that focuses on the administrative needs of hospitals in many applications. A system designed to manage all hospital departments, administrative, financial, laboratory, inpatient, outpatient, operating room, materials, nursing, radiology and pharmacy.

Real Estate | Solutions

Since its inception, TAKNIA SOFT has carried out many projects related to the real estate sector, whether it is the building and construction sector with an accounting system and CRM system, ending with the real estate marketing sector, following up on rents and unit sales, as well as designing real estate advertising portals and mobile applications

E-Commerce | Develop

Business has accelerated and in light of global events relying on technology in business is necessary in terms of creating new markets, which helps to increase sales very dramatically, so we are moving your stores to space in terms of providing a service of design and development of
Online Stores & Mobile Applications

Web | Development

Developing and designing websites for companies, institutions, universities and schools with the latest means to reflect the image and vision of the institution and allow the world to view your work and also communicate with you through the official e-mail in the name of the institution, which reflects the professionalism of your dealings with your customers

Mobile App | Develop

Developing a mobile application for mobile devices, such as a restaurant ordering application, a taxi application, an application for clothing stores, a reservations application, a learning platform application, and others.
These software applications are designed to work on mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet

FINTECH Apps | Development

Financial technology has recently entered our Arab country, and it has become necessary to work on providing software solutions that serve this giant sector, which will provide electronic payment solutions, so Taknia Soft strives to provide payment Gateway solutions and provide secure payment gateways through E-Wallets or E-Banks

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